Tuesday, February 17, 2015

[Review] Beware: 65Daigou is a bad and irresponsible Tabao Agent!

Dear All, pls beware and DO NOT ever buy taobao via this agent: 65Daigou.com

I started buying via them since 2011 when I was getting ready for my ROM and Wedding Dinner. I bought some really unique wedding favours and invitation cards found on Taobao.com and was wrecking my head on how to ship them to SG. Just then, I stumbled upon this 65Daigou as I was googling on ways to buy from taobao.

I bought a few rounds and found that they were fast in replying and updating of status on their website. Although their website is not very user-friendly, it was a super simple website without unnecessary functions, I can just post an enquiry if I am in doubt and they actually reply quite fast. The stuffs I bought we alright and some came squashed due to the packing but I was ready to close one eye as it was dirt cheap and still usable and I am not the fussy type.

After I got pregnant (late 2011), I started to shop abit on maternity wear and baby socks and some baby items. It was okay at 1st but quality of their service dropped alot since  the previous time but I decided to keep shopping as I wanted to give them a second chance. They started to reply late and sometimes do not even reply at all. Apart from the tardy response they are quite alright still.

In 2012, I started my own online shop and begin to buy my stocks on taobao as they are cheaper and I tested their quality against those in SG, they were comparable if not better. There were some times when the seller on taobao will send the wrong size and I will request 65Daigou to change for me and they usually takes very long to handle such issues. The excuse they give is that they are short-handed and their customers volume increased. But I am not taking this as this should not compromise the service rendered. They tried to compensate by giving a discount and I closed one eye as their shipping charges are still cheaper as compared to other agents.

Once, I shopped a few clothings and one of the skirt I bought is totally off measurements as provided on the seller's shop. I took photos and send an enquiry to 65Daigou. They took care of it as they were unable to contact seller. They said that as it is a wrong measurement on the seller's part, they will full refund the item as long as i return in brand new condition, This was done swiftly as I only tried on once and realise it is too small and I returned it.. It was actually their fault as they had promised inspection when the item reached their china warehouse and will proceed only if the item is correct.

This time, I ordered a total of 8 clothings as it is CNY season and I wanted to buy some clothes for CNY. I received the clothes after more than 3 weeks as it is badly delayed due to CNY last minute shoppers. I happily went to pick up and went home to try the clothes.. To my horror, many were totally off measurements and some were not the right size even, I took photos of the actual clothes and with measurements. I enquired to them online and they took one whole week to get back to me. They said they cannot get hold of the seller on taobao as many already went for CNY break (how do I know it's true) and said that if the seller agrees to exchange, I will be liable to the international shipping to china and back to SG and the domestic shipping in China itself. And they even got the cheek to ADVISE me that to exchange the items is a tedious and unworthy(money) process and it will cost more than the item itself. HELLO? Is it my fault that the size is not right? It is the seller's fault for the misleading info on their shop and it is 65DAIGOU's responsibility to inspect the item upon reaching their China Warehouse! 

Apparently, they did not honor this promise to their customer and resulted in this mess! And now they expect me to pay for the loss when it is not my fault! Then what's the point of engaging an agent to help to purchase? They charge the agent fee but do not honor their promise. They keep telling me they understand my feeling, bla bla bla.. and told me that NEXT TIME I should ask them to inspect and measure the clothes upon receiving it in China, isn't this what they're supposed to be doing all along? You mean I need to keep telling them what to do every time I do a purchase via them?

I told them I will not accept this as it is not 1-3cm deviation but more than 10cm for some of the clothes. I totally have no use if I cannot wear at all. I will stop their service once and for all. They did not try to do any service recovery to retain me as a customer but they keep repeating that I should ask them to inspect and take photo before they ship ti SG. This is the last straw! I have learnt an expensive lesson and wasted almost S$200 in this purchase.

To 65Daigou, I am just a very mediocre issue and they will not make too much of a loss even if I never shop with them anymore. But they are wrong! Since they are a registered company in SG, I can use CASE to claim my loss. And I will do just that! I will not stop until they give me back the money!

To everyone out there who is still wanting to try them, pls don't! I am going to post a few links below to show you that I am not the only victim, and they are not what they say about being 95% positive feedback. The comments from other customers below will tell you that it is not a minority that have become victim to 65Daigou and I am sure that many victims did not voice out like we do.



you can also go to their facebook page and you will see many customers ranting about delays!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Half day mood=)

Today my boss on half day because he is going for his monthly Exco meeting.  Hahaha, so it also means that it is also half day for me.. Yipee!  I miss my baby Roxanna lah, she is so funny, they way she talks and she moves. She is growing up day by day, now coming to 28 months old, she is so talkative, my ah ma say she very Gao hwei, lols.. it means many things to say! hahaha..

I want to go home!  So tired, my neck feels very stiff and painful. I think it is my posture's problem! I ate chicken rice just now, brought from home.  Quite nice lah, but I got cravings for McD shaker fries.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Baby Plan and Arrival

Happily, I went to browse the internet, and Google is my bestfriend, to find a nice and good doctor for myself.  It was not easy, the good ones are basically harder to make an appointment with and they are usually Private. Yes, that means it will cost more!  After much hesitation, I went to the clinic that is nearest to my home and with many good reviews, The Woman's Specialist Clinic at Chong Pang.  We made an appointment through the phone and off we went in high spirits and anticipation to see our dear baby for the 1st time through Ultrasound.  Registration was a breeze when we reach the clinic, but the clinic is damn crowded, and we had anticipated that before we came so it was fine. We waited for more than 1 hour and finally, it was my turn.

Went in, saw the Doctor,sat down, doctor spoke with turbo, like 3 sentences in 2 seconds. Ask me to lie down on the bed, did the ultrasound and got to know that baby's EDD will be on 30th June 2012, we also saw baby (a tiny round shape).  Got up and tell us it is okay and we can leave.

WHAT?  I think it was less than 5 mins from the second I stepped into the room. Okay, that was fast! I was trying to ask the doctor if there is anything that I need to take note of and such.  He just told me a few points such as: No sex in the 1st  trimester, don't squat too long, and stand too long. And sent us out  of the room.

We asked if there is any food that we are not supposed to eat or drink, he just said in a rush that, we can check with the aunties at the counter.  Okay, was abit unhappy that the 1st appointment went in such a rushed way but still keeping our spirits high.  The aunties called my name and we went to take the supplements and made the next appointment. I tried to ask them about the food to avoid and they mockingly replied that I should ask my mother instead.

OKAY, that was the last straw!  I went back feeling upset as it was my 1st pregnancy and they showed attitude to my seemingly stupid questions! After discussing with hubby and a few close friends, everyone suggested that the attitude showed was being uncalled for. So, I cancelled my appointment and asked a few other friends that have previously given birth for their contacts and feedbacks on their doctor. As 2 of them suggested going to KKH as private patient, I heeded their advice and called KKH to book an appointment.

The charges for being a Private patient at KKH was quite reasonable as far as I can remember. To the best of my knowledge, pls just take this with a pinch of salt, the price of Normal Delivery Package was around S$1300.00?  I remember paying around S$1200.00 as initial payment and paid around S$90~100 per visit to the doctor which includes doctor's fees, routine tests, ultrasound and supplements.

Everything falls into place really well. The place is very big and spacious with a few comfy sofas at the waiting area outside every room.  There is a coffee machine (which serves milo and tea too) in the waiting area and a basket of washed apples for us to eat. And they have a very good system that included complimentary SMS service, this service is whereby they will SMS you every now and then to let you know of the amount of people in queue infront of you. I think it is very good, as we can gauge our time and go outside to stroll or grab something to eat and comeback instead of just sitting there (you can do that too) and wait outside the room.

I was assigned to Dr. Arthur Tseng. He is a very gentle and nice doctor, he is so patient to our every question and smiles as he answers every single one of them. I went there for around 3 or 4 times and suddenly Dr Tseng says that he is going to open his own clinic and that he will not be with KKH anymore, so if I want to continue his consultation, I have to switch to Private and will see him as Gleneagles clinic. He explained the charges to me and emailed me the breakdown charges.  I went back and think and asked the opinions of my friends and many told me to stick to KKH as I have already paid the initial payment and I am in better hands there. So I called Dr Tseng's assistant and told her I will stay with KKH.

I was assigned to Dr Matthew Lau as I had no preferred doctor. Dr Lau was okay, though he did not talk much and not as caring (and handsome) as Dr Tseng. wahaha.. Everything went on fine and then it was June already (yay!), on the day of follow-up appointment, Dr Lau asked if we want to choose a day to induce, and we declined as we wanted everything to fall in naturally. And I've heard stories that induction sometimes causes emergency c-sect, so we stood firm on letting baby arrive naturally.

On 21th June, I came out of the shower late afternoon (around 5 ~6pm) and found that my below was leaking clear water.  I immediately called my mommy and aunt and they advised me to go to the hospital and meet them there. Luckily, it was also hubby's off-day so he fetched me to the hospital and we even had dinner at the foodcourt together before going to find doctor, lol. When I am finally admitted into the labour ward (around 7pm), my mommy and aunt was advised to go home and wait for news as only hubby is allowed inside the room with me.

I lied on the bed and the nurse put some ultrasound belt around me and we can hear baby's Heartbeat =) Then Dr Lau came by to check on me and chatted briefly. As I was not in pain yet, me and hubby chit-chat along the way and around midnight I felt hungry. We asked the nurse if I am allowed to eat anything but was told that I can only drink water as eating too much might cause me to poo poo and I might push baby out accidentally. So we heeded her advise and stayed put and waited.

It was pure excitement that kept both of us awake throughout the night and about 6am in the morning, I felt the 1st contraction. It was PAINFUL! Some doctor on duty came in to check on me and see if I have dilated enough to go to the delivery ward, but hell no, they poke me below and it was even more painful than the contractions!! After sometime, I cannot take the pain, I asked for laughing gas, then subsequently, the thigh jab, then finally epidural =( I cried cos I did not want to take epidural initially, but I cannot take the pain anymore! sigh~ until about 7 ~8pm in the evening on the 22nd, my doctor say I still haven't dilate enough to push so I have to go emergency c-sect. I cried again =(

Finally, baby came out at around 9+pm, I forgot the exact time.  My family were waiting outside the Operating Theater for baby and me. When I saw baby in the Operating Theater (while doctor is stitching me up), I cried in happiness. I don't remember all the pain just now, I just felt happy. We named her Roxanne Lai. She is the most beautiful gift for us, she arrived on the same day as her father, that was really a surprise, that is fate.

When I reached the ward, I was still feeling tired from all the epidural and anesthesia I had so I only briefly chatted with hubby and fell asleep soon after. Oh ya, baby did not return to the ward with me as she had a fever due to the epidural =(   Was quite sad. But the next morning, the doctor checked on me and say I can go back the next day.. he also said that it's okay for me to get off the bed but must walk slowly.  So I went down to the NICU to see my baby girl =))  The next day we went back home 1st cos baby's fever haven't totally subside.. But we still go back to hospital to see her everyday, after 2 more days, she can finally go home with us (yay!).

CONFINEMENT is such a disaster man!   Because my mum offered to do the confinement for me, as in cooking and looking after baby so that I can rest.   But in the end, she cooks a bit here and there and not even enough for me to eat, lol..  And taking care of baby is the worse!  She wakes me up to ask me how to take care every now and then.  Because she did not have experience at all, lols..   I regretted not hiring one proper CL to do for me.  In the end, I couldn't pump enough milk due to pressure.  And I am constantly feeling unhappy and feel like crying all the time! Thought was going to get post-natal depression! haha!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Wedding and dinner =))

Before I go into details of my pregnancy, I reckon I should start on my wedding 1st.  Or many might just thought I had a shot-gun marriage (though it is totally normal and nope, I am not biased against any this marriage, at all).

Okay, so we went to take our wedding photos sometime in July? Ya, I think so. We went to J.B. to take their package as it was so much cheaper that way and frankly speaking, SG really is too small for any nice scenery for our photoshoot.  For RM3,999, we had one big Framed photo of our choice (damn big, I cannot remember the dimensions but it is really very big), one pull-up banner with a photo of our choice (to put at the entrance of our dinner), one album, 2 small framed photos of our choice and all soft copies of chosen photos in DVD-R. We had 2 outdoor destinations and one indoor studio shoot with total of 7 gowns for the shoot, no time limitations, we went to Desaru and a torn-down mansion (for that fantasy feel) for the outdoor shoot. Also included in the package was the car deco, 1 actual day morning gown, and 2 evening gown. I personally thought that it was quite a bargain as I have heard from some of my friends that in SG, this kind of package can easily cost up to S$4,000.00, and without outdoor shoot.

Then, the time comes for choosing the photos. It was a tedious process as you definitely cannot decide which photos to give up. In the end, we did exceeded our initially agreed amount and have to add on another album (which means pay more lah). I really think that though it is the norm to over-choose the amount of photos, I do know that this is a trick for the studio to earn additional bucks too. They were asking for RM400 for the additional album, I refused and we bargained and after a few hours later, the price came down to RM150.

So, everything was settled and around 2 weeks before the wedding, we went back to the studio to try the gowns again (for the actual day), in case I do put on weight, lol, and make the final alterations. Then, 2 days before the big day, we drove our wedding car (my aunt's BMW) in to let them decorate.

The Big day came and went at the blink of an eye. Shall not go into details, will be posting some photos later on to let the pictures talk.

The wedding dinner though, is worth mentioning. We held our dinner at Holiday Inn Hotel (Orchard). We were actually contemplating bwtween Goodwood Park Hotel, Pan Pacific Hotel and Holiday Inn Hotel. We settled with Holiday Inn because they had a promotion (price was great), their centralized location and their menu was not bad too. We held 22 tables in total.

Pregnancy Post next up...

Resurrecting this dying BLOG =))

It's been like how many years since I am writing on this spidey-web covered blog.

So, when I came back from my Taiwan Trip in year 2011, I was busy preparing for my wedding, that was held in November the same year (2011).  Busy, busy, and I neglected this blog.

Then, I was planning for a dragon baby (ha.. dragon as in the zodiac, not as in the size, wahaha), and mommy said, " aiyo, you think everybody can one-shot tio (get preggy) meh? If you really want a dragon, you need to plan now, and start trying NOW!"..  Hahaha.. and so, I started trying for a baby in August the same year (yeah, everything comes together..). Then, in September, I missed my period, and got hubby pretty excited.  He went to Guardian to buy a pregnancy test kit, he came back with 2 pcs.  I was like: "Oh, why you buy 2?", and he went like: "The salesgirls say it's a promo, buy 1 get 1 free.."  and hahaha, we tested that very afternoon, in Sim Lim Sqaure, level 3, ladies toilet.

It was POSITIVE.  YAY~!  

Hubby was damn excited and he picked up his hp and called father-in-law to tell him the good news, and at the background we can hear MIL laughing in excitement. Yup, it was a happy day for everyone. Since we have an additional kit, we decided not to waste it and tested once more the next morning, as the instructions says it is more accurate in the morning, and so you would have guessed it right, it was positive too.

Let's get to the next post before readers start to fall asleep =))

Warmest Regards,
Chewy <3 nbsp="">

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Im sooo going to Taiwan=)

okay, it's like less than a week, i mean 4.5days to be precise, to me flying off to Taiwan!!!! with my beloved hubby and sistas!! am I excited or what?!?! omg, i think im going crazy with all this counting down.. u know, every mornng when i wake up, i'll go like, hmmmm.. how many more days? 5 days?!?! what the~ my holy shit!! and what did i packed? are these enuff? are these too much? shit man, did i forgot where my extra battery go? did i kept it here? nonono.. it have to be there.. hey, STOP! gotta calm down mann!! lols.. see? im going bonkers!! and im being rather serious here, if anyone dares to try and sabotage or 'wet blanket" me at this point of time, i tell u i'll kick u!! lols.. 跟你死过~ lols, wahahaaa..

so.. i needa make a checklist, like what should i bring and yes, shopping list, like what should i buy! cos there's like so much to buy but needa control, like can spend how much cos im getting married.. hmmm.. it's costing me my fortune! (did i have any fortune to start with?) lols.. okay, update somemore with photos when im back!!!

taiwan taiwan taiwan here i come!~~~

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the funny conversation=P

{ring ring}

JP Chan Kai Yau: Hello?

Blushing bride: Hi, can I speak to JP Chan Kai Yau?

JP Chan Kai Yau: Yes, speaking?

Blushing bride: Oh! Erm, I was wondering if you would be available on 20th May to marry us?

JP Chan Kai Yau: 20th May… {flip, flip, flip…} yes, what time?

Blushing bride: Erm, we were thinking around 12.00pm?

JP Chan Kai Yau: Yes, I can make it at 12.00pm to marry you on 20th may..

Blushing bride: Oh! Good! Erm… I don't know what to do now!

JP Chan Kai Yau: Its ok. You need to meet me to get my consent letter. Are you available next Tuesday at 7.00pm?

Blushing bride: Yes!

JP Chan Kai Yau: Ok I'll see you at Borders fountain at 7.00pm next Tuesday. Meanwhile get your witnesses' particulars and both of your particulars to prepare to eFile online on ROM website.

Blushing bride: Ok!

JP Chan Kai Yau: Ok, I'll see you then.

Blushing bride: Erm, do you have a mobile number?

JP Chan Kai Yau: I'm sorry, I do not have a mobile number.

Blushing bride: Oh, ok. See you!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Curve & Line Nail Palour @ Bencoolen

i had a package of gel nails with them. compared to ard 1 yr ago, the quality of their gel deteriorate alot. previously before this package, i did once and it was very good, last long, like abt 3 to 4 weeks. but this time round, it only last ard 2weeks plus and my pointing finger alr broke off during the 1st week!

their prices are also much costly compared to other nail bars in the same vincity.. and for cny, i know that these kinda service shops, like nail or hair salon usually will increase their rates when it's ard one week prior to the festival. but this shop has a "unique" kinda rates increment:

2weeks prior to cny eve: $10-$20 on top of the U.P.
1week prior to cny eve: $30-$40 on top of the U.P.

like daylight robbery rite? its like normally my gel session only cost $70+ (package) per session, den now it became wat, $110? more than 50% ex!(50% of the $70 is only $35) even costly than cab fare lo, cab only charge 50% on top of the fare during midnight rite?

and their service is also so-so only. they kinda choose customer, if ur spending quite a big sum or regularly spending there, they will serve u good, like chat with u, compliment u(which is damn fake). but if ur a walk-in or jus doing express/normal mani, the boss(grace) will assign her mother to attend to u. thou her mum also knoe how to do, but her taste is kinda diff to teens/adults rite? and she got some eyesight prob(as most elderly hav), resulting in smudging nail colours, and her mum is also very attitude 1 lor. saw her talking to a lady once, and say things lke "u must make appt, if next time nv make appt, we wun serve u lei"

they also very hard-sell, ask u buy nail care products saying, ur nail veru brittle, very dry, etc.

luckily, its my last session in the package, will not go there anymore!

my advice: dun go!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ah Ma's birthday=)

am jus uploading photos cos im now at work, cannt blog too long=))
love <3 my ah Ma!!

by the way, we're at Pearl River Restaurant at Suntec =)) food was NICEE=)) yummy!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Bad online purchase=(

sian~ wanted a new GHD hair straightener so badly but jus dun hav that extra cash to buy a $169~$200+ from those online retailers.. so my cheapskate self got the better of me and i went to buy one which cost $120 from a not authorized retailer..

at 1st, it was so far so good, cos she even provided free delivery, and even when it was within 3 hrs from when i made my order.. so i thought, quite a deal rite?  it was $139 but i asked for a discount so it became $120.. i wanted pure white but she said there's no more stock and there's only left black and pink.. so i chose a black instead..

den when she brought it to me, we were meeting at the void deck of my blk, and it was v dark la.. i trusted her to b honest as she promised the set to b brand new.. so i jus open up the box to check if everything was intact.. but when i rch hm and opened up, to my astonishment, it was an opened set and the styler's GHD logo is blurred and even hav scratches! i was quite angry and disappointed, darling was abit fed up cos he had told me not to buy in the 1st place, but i insisted..

so i immediately smsed that girl and told her my displeased, but she insisted that it was a brand new set.. i couldnt take this lying down so i threatened her that if she dun do an exchange for me, i wil go to the CASE and lodge a complaint.. she den agreed to change another set for me but there's only pink left and i hav to go to her place to exchange.. luckily im on off day for the next day..

and so, i exchanged a new pink GHD and am happy with it! i checked and checked and found it to b brand new this time~

i learnt a lesson, not to b too trustful towards strangers and always double check anything before receiving! omg, luckily i got a satisfied exchange=) look wat i did to my hair with my new straightener~